Forgive but Not Forget?

By Fanny Vera. International speaker. Writer and Journalist.

How many times have we heard the phrase «I forgive, but don’t forget”? Frequently among family and friends, when they describe in detail experiences in which they were affected morally and physically.

«I forgive, but don’t forget» could be conceptualized like this: You hurt me, I forgave you, however I hold strong resentment.  Because I hold on to this feeling, I lose sleep, I generate ideas of revenge that make me go through the bad moment again causing me pain; I live in permanent agony because I don’t let go of what I have lived and it leads me to suffer bitterly.

Allow me to tell you that «I forgive, but don’t forget”, closes the doors to blessings.  In many occasions we take our imaginary chest and keep our memories there limiting and not allowing us to achieve our dreams, nor appreciate that what has been given through Divine Grace.

The book of Matthew 5:44 tells us «Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

I know these phrases are difficult to accept and use them in our daily lives. Some people turn the page quickly and continue their way forgiving and moving towards the new; However, many are left with internal pain, making it difficult for them to embark on a path of peace and serenity. Quite the opposite, they go around saying «I forgive, but don’t forget.»

I invite you to turn that page in your life. I invite you to be filled with love. Make amends to live with freedom without burdens, griefs and pain that keep you tied in a path of darkness.

 How do you do it?  I find only one way. When you want to take the first step, there is a way that has worked for me: Prayer is the route.  Have a heart to heart conversation  with WHOM Everything is Possible and asks that Almighty God, who transforms and heals, to liberate you of those feelings of hate, anger, desires of revenge that take over your heart when evoking  those thoughts that have seriously hurt you.  

However, there is a second way, not strange to us, because it depends on oneself.  Relying in the idea that life is a decision; it is up to you to decide whether to continue with the memories or let go of them along with that chest of memories somewhere they cannot be found. We can do it. Our mind has the strength of a hurricane to drag everything that is in us with the firm purpose of it not to continue in our path. There is also will and power.  It is a matter of determination.

You are probably wondering how to fight this feeling, tear it from the inside and throw it where it never comes back? The answer is simple: I already said it. It is through prayer.

Ask that Almighty God to cleanse you, to give you peace, to rip away from you all the memories that hinder your spiritual healing and those you do not want to live with. Ask God to fill you with love so that with that love you can forgive and walk on the path of peace and search for happiness.

All roads lead to Him. We cannot walk or battle with our own strength. We cannot fulfill dreams only with our capabilities. We must trust Him and put ourselves in His hands so that He cleans the path of what is not letting us prosper, what is preventing us from achieving happiness, that which limits us to live with abundance and tranquility.

Turn your eyes to God. Life will be much easier for you when you let Him cleanse your body, your mind and your spirit. Turn your eyes to Whom Everything is Possible.  To the God who transforms, who liberates and gives us the peace to live according to his purpose.

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