Why do some people never succeed?

By Fanny Vera, Motivational Speaker and writer. Author of book «Give me Back my Dream»

During ongoing conversations among friends, they frequently ask me: What did you do to get this or that? Others when they hear me complaining about something, they tell me «and what are you complaining about if everything goes well for you?» Recently my sister told me «everything you set your mind to; you get it». First, I must make clear that success has nothing to do with money. Many confuse these two terms, from my perspective. I am being successful, and I don’t have bank accounts full of dollars. I live up to date with what I earn, and the satisfaction I feel once I reach my goals is immeasurable. How can you succeed and feel fullness and joy for what you do? It’s very simple. To begin with you must know what your talents are. Put yourself in the hands of the Creator and walk under His shelter.  Trying to succeed by doing what you know or don’t know without Him, cannot be an easy task.

 I understood this when I ran out of money, the projects did not go through and I began to torment myself, a situation that happens when you disregard your relationship with God. I acknowledge it.

On that occasion I prayed and told God: Show me which way to follow in this new beginning in the United States. Tell me what to do, show me how to live with dignity and that everyone sees your work in me. I remember having the Bible in front of my eyes; I opened it looking for words of encouragement. My gaze went to 2 Timothy 3: 16-17 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

At that moment I understood the word «Scripture», as the talent that God had given me, which I had embodied in loose leaf paper since I was a child and had cultivated it as a journalist; However never at His service.

I remember drying my tears and opening my first blog at that moment. I began writing doing an analysis about the city where I lived. To spare you the details, I’ll summarize by telling you that this blog opened doors for me, I found the way and beyond all this, I found the perfect church to go and thank the Creator for everything he had given me. God is merciful. He fulfills what He promises.

Now well. We have talents and gifts. Some of us have completed formal studies and others have learned through work that life has put in their paths due to some unplanned circumstance. That is the beginning. Knowing my capabilities in order to develop in my professional career and in my personal growth. It is discovering oneself and recognizing that God has given us the knowledge, talents and gifts to open paths where there are none. Then comes discipline, focusing on the goal. Work firmly and intelligently. Always grateful for the work you have; but seeking much more. Go after that dream without fear, with wisdom. There are no excuses. Because even without resources you will accomplish it. Doors open. God will put people in your path that will help you grow professionally and as a human being too. He will make doors open; He will use people that you do not know, that serve as instruments for Him – as your powerful God and able to do whatever he wills- to achieve his purpose in you.

God has great things for his children. You have abilities, intelligence, talents that you can use to grow professionally. He moves everything on Earth to work for his children. You are – and believe it – the Son or the Favorite Daughter of God. How will He not prosper you? How will HE not help you achieve your goals? He rewards you, because you have believed in Him; because you have put all your trust in Him and have placed your talents and gifts at His service.

Everything in life has its moment. When you are on the path of Almighty God, He will show you your moment. To achieve goals and dreams you will probably have to learn new and unimaginable things. That will be your opportunity.

Don’t ask God why your life seems to have changed course, when you don’t see success at the time you want it. He has a purpose in you. Everything you have learned, what you know how to do, all your tools, your knowledge, put them at the service of the Lord, that He will take you on the path of success, prosperity, recognition.

With Him you will reach the imaginable. You have everything to move forward and triumph. You just won’t make it if you’re not accompanied by your Heavenly Father.

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